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Anjali Adhikari has been in the receiving end of trolls. This is the age of the internet. If you are a star, what you say or do is always under scrutiny. Due to what she said, Anjali Adhikari is getting trolled online.

In an interview with Canada Nepal YouTube channel, the interviewer asked about Anjali’s relationship status. However, Anjali mixed it up with the FaceBook Status. She said she puts songs and video clips of her music videos on Facebook. Anjali was trolled for this.

However, some well-wishers have defended her. Actress and Director Deepshikha Khadka said “..if she (Anjali) did not know her mother tongue, she should have been ashamed. How can there be shame in not knowing a foreign language?” I do feel the same.

Deepsikha also adds YouTubers should not have posted this content. However, this is not the first time celebrities have misspoken things. A few months back, Rekha Thapa had said she found Nepalis in America “Homeless”, what she was trying to say was “Home Sick”.

Actress Priyanka Karki had also made a blunder three years back. In one interview her tongue slipped and she ended up saying something entirely inappropriate. The YouTubers are still trolling her for that. Here is the YouTube link.

Priyanka has also been trolled for saying that she has visited UK, US many times but it was her first time in America.

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