August 8, Kathmandu

Apple Airpods

Apple announced AirPods , their second generation of wireless headphones. The new AirPods are available in two versions: one equipped with a standard charging case and the other with a new wireless charging case. The release of the original Apple Airpods, it became a solid performer in the earphone market.

Apple Airpods: Utsav 360

Galaxy Buds

The galaxy buds come with an alluring design which fits in the ear with no discomfort at all. Galaxy Buds has little lack on the Bass part while the other overall sound is very good. The best part of the gadget is its battery life as it can last around 6-7 hours in a single full charge.

Galaxy Buds: Utsav 360

Redmi Airdots

The Redmi AirDots comes with 7.2 mm drives, uses the Raychem 8763 chip and adopts Bluetooth 5.0 technology. In layman terms, that means the connecting speeds and anti-interference ability is quite good on these airdots. This airdots Bluetooth device connection range is about 10 meters. 

Redmi Airdots: utsav 360
Apple Airpods Vs Galaxy Buds Vs Redmi Airdots! Which is the Best?

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