In the era of technology, everything is getting modernized and technologically impact. Nowadays, everything operates by machine and less effort, and less human power is needed. In every sector, technology is used, in industry, farming, education and luxurious life. Different types of gadgets and equipment were evolving day by days.

Here newly scientists at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory discover AI equipment (3D Scanner) for detecting of emotions of an animal, how they are feeling, whether an animal is stressed, happy and changing behaviour according to climate, season and environment. 

Due to the help of this, many farmers will get benefited after using it because it helps to detect emotions, feeling, the health of the animal.

Here is a glimpse of the equipment used in pigs.

3D machine detecting all the pig emotions
3D scanner scanning animal
3D scanner scanning animal

Here is a glimpse that describes how does 3D scanner work in human and animal for scanning.

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