In the summer season, the temperature rises very high in India. India lies in the sub-continent. As to reduce the problem Air cooler is invented there are many best cooler in India available in India, some air cooler brands in India are as described below:

Crompton Desert Air Cooler

1. Crompton Desert Air Cooler

Crampton Greaves is one of the biggest and best cooler in India, Indian multinational company which is also one of the biggest manufacturers of air coolers in India. This cooler use a technique of evaporative cooling. Reserve water is circulated to the cooling pad embedded in it. This turns the Honeycomb cooling media wet and the fan helps to moist air to pass. It is famous for its durability and for its low power consuming feature. Some of the popular Crampton air cooler brands in India to buy cooler online are as follows:

Crompton Greaves Ozone ACGC-DAC751 75L Desert Air Cooler

Price: Rs. 14,240

Crompton Greaves Mystique Dlx CG-TAC341 Personal 34L Air Cooler

Price: Rs. 9,280

Crompton Greaves ACGC-PAC07 7L Personal Air Cooler

Price: Rs. 5,580

Bajaj Air Cooler

2. Bajaj Air Cooler

Bajaj air cooler brand is an Indian biggest electronic equipment manufacturing company founded on July 14, 1938, and headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra by Kamalnayan Bajaj. It has 19 branch offices spread in different parts of the country with a chain of about 1000 distributors, 4000 authorized dealers, over 400,000 retail outlets and over 282 Customer Care centers. Produces many home appliances and electronic appliances. Popular air Bajaj cooler brands in India are as follows:


PX 97 TORQUE Room 36L Air Cooler

price: Rs. 8, 960 

Frio 23 Litres Air Cooler Price in India

price: Rs.8,225

TC 2007 Room 37L Air Cooler

price: Rs. 9,136

DC 2016 Glacier Room 67L Air Cooler

price: Rs. 14,390

TC 2008 Room 26L Air Cooler

price: Rs. 8,320


3. Kester Air Cooler

Kester was founded in the year 1996 headquartered in Gurgaon, India. It has launched a product range consisting of air coolers, oxyFryer, Microwave ovens, water heaters host of other kitchen appliances. It is famous for its reliability, durability, and power-consuming. Some of the popular Kester air cooler brands in India are as follows:

Snow cool Desert 55L Air Cooler
Price: Rs. 17,590
Glam 50R KCT5RF4H-EBA 50 L Air Cooler
Price: Rs. 13,590
KCT1RF4H-EBA Glam 15R Air Cooler
Price: Rs. 10,780
Auster XW CL-KCGAXF2W Window 50L Air Cooler
Price: Rs. 10,555

Maharaja Whiteline Air Cooler

4. Maharaja Whiteline Air Cooler

Maharaja Whiteline is a leading brand in India which is ranked as the second most known brand and second largest distributed brand founded in 1976 and headquartered in Haryana, India. this brand is the leading brand for home, garment, and kitchen appliances. It is famous for its features.  Some of the popular air cooler brand in India is as follows: 

Whiteline Bravo Desert 65L Air Cooler

Price: Rs. 15,320

Whiteline Glacio 55L Air Cooler

Price: Rs. 13,600

Whiteline Atlanta Desert 45L Air Cooler

Price: Rs. 12,765

Whiteline Coolz plus Desert 55L Air Cooler

Price: Rs. 12,160

Hindware air cooler

5. Hindware air cooler

This brand is the Indian first brand with changeable color panels. it is designed with powerful performance makes these cooler the most elegant addition to your homes. Hindware has made its mark nationwide with their excellent quality control and commitment to customers. Some of the popular air cooler brand in India is as follows: 

Snowcrest 50W 50 L Desert Air Cooler

price: Rs. 10,555

Snowcrest 60 L Desert Air Cooler

Price: Rs. 12,870

CD-1710001WBR 100L Desert Air cooler

Price: Rs. 19,985

Snowcrest CP-161901HLA 18L Room Air Cooler

Price: Rs. 13,320

Symphony Air Cooler Brand

6. Symphony Air Cooler Brand

The Symphony is a multinational company air cooler was established by Goettl Brother in ISA, founded in 1939 And this brand is famous for its long-term durability.  This brand comprises of powerful fan and energy-efficient castors that has made the brand popular among consumers. Some popular models of Symphony air cooler. 

Ice Cube 27L Air Cooler

price: Rs.8,845

DiET 50i Tower 50L Air Cooler (With Remote)

Price: Rs.14,398

Hicool I Personal 31L Air Cooler

Price: Rs.12,470

Storm 70i Tower 70L Air Cooler

Price: Rs.23,190

If you feeling Hot, Get Air cooler?

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