Cafes are a great place to hang out with friends, for a date or anything else. Especially, if a cafe has a very calm and friendly ambiance and environment, what more do we need? So, let’s scroll through some of the best cafes in K-town.

Note: This list is based on our personal preference.

Bricks Cafe

A nice and calm environment with good food equals a good cafe. This cafe is a little bit expensive, but the experience there is beautiful.

2. Himalayan Java Coffee

Himalayan Java Coffee is undeniably a great cafe with great coffee and a cozy ambiance. They offer a lot of variety in their menu and every sip of coffee is worth every penny.

3. British Coffee School

Friendly staff, check! Great coffee, check! Great ambiance, check! What else do we need in a cafe?

4. Cafe Soma

This cafe is quite expensive. But, they offer delicious breakfast and great coffee.

5. Supero Cafe

Located near Dhumbarahi, this small cafe has a cozy environment. They also have great coffee and great food.


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