In the past years, there has been a rise in the number of boutique hotels across the valley. But, what makes them different from other hotels? Well, a boutique hotel is a small hotel but is stylish with excellent services that don’t create a hole in your pocket! So, here are the best boutique hotels in K-town, handpicked by ourselves!

1. Shivapuri Heights Cottage

Located in the heart of the hills of Shivapuri, this boutique hotel is a perfect stay for people who want to escape the city area!

Owned by British and Nepali people, they offer friendly staffs with fresh food right from their own garden. They have a spa, a swimming pool and they also provide excursion packages!

2. Swotha Traditional Homes

Located at Patan Durbar Square, they have the aesthetic of an ancient Newari building with minimalistic and stylish rooms. They also have a cafe with a variety of breakfast and lunch items.

3. Hotel Vajra

Hotel Vajra is just a few steps away from Swayambhunath Temple. They have a vibrant garden and a great outdoor ambiance. Along with beautiful and cozy rooms, they also offer a library for bookworms.

4. Traditional comfort

This boutique hotel opened just a few years ago in 2016 and is already a favorite of many people. They have combined the traditional architecture with contemporary design. All these hard work and design can be seen in all of their gorgeous rooms.

5. Kantipur Temple House

This boutique hotel lies in the heart of Thamel! It is rich in traditional architecture with the Newari influence which reflects the ambiance of one of the most expensive hotels in Kathmandu, Dwarika’s Hotel. But, this hotel is a lot more affordable, and they make a lot of effort to be eco-friendly as well!


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