The Nepali Gold Star shoe, which opened in Sydney earlier this week, has done good business on Saturday and Sunday. Operator Pradeep Shah Sudi said both Nepali and Australian customers coming to the store liked Nepali shoes.

Modern slipper industry Pvt.Ltd and Kiran shoe manufactures started with hathi chap chappal and later they produced Goldstar shoes. Their famous slogan” Hathi balio ki hathi chap chappal” is admired over three decades.

And in recent years Goldstar has come to know for its durability, quality, and style making it one of the best company of footwear in Nepal. Goldstar’s factory in Shankha park is one of the biggest in Kathmandu and employs over 3,000 employees.

The brand its showroom in many countries like Australia, Malaysia, and India. The showroom in Sydney was opened on 13th July 2019 on Saturday which was inaugurated by Miss Nepal world 2019 Ms. Anushka Shrestha and liberal party’s candidate PJ Shrestha. The showroom was opened by the Shree Ganesh group. Like Mount Everest, the Goldstar brand has become iconic to the Nepalese identity.

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