Late Janga Bahadur Rana is one of the important people who have constantly appeared in our school and college books. Most Nepalis still remember him as the Shree Tin prime minister of our country. But, what else is there to know about him that’s hidden beneath his prestigious name? Let’s find out.

Janga Badhur Rana was the first Shree 3 prime minister of our country Nepal. He was a fearless, brave, and intelligent son of father Bal Narsing Kuwar and mother, Ganesh Kumari Thapa. He was born in 1874 AD. He spent his childhood very happily cause he was the son of Kaji. He was not interested in studying instead of that he was clever, brave, and fearless. There was saying that Junga Bdr Rana jumps from Nine floors Daharahara and catches an alive tiger.

Although he carried the respected title as a Prime minister, he was also known as a sex predator. He would often order his people to search for a girl for him. If they were successful, they would be rewarded with the honorable position of Subba. But if not, they would be severely punished. What’s eye-opening is, JB Rana would sell the girls if they were unable to fulfill his needs. He was the first Prime minister to visit London For the First time in 1907. In London, he spent 2.5 lakh pound money to sleep one night with Londons famous prostitute girl Lura Bel, and she is world-famous. 

The Kot massacre took place on 14 September 1846 when Janga Bahadur Rana and his brother killed about 40 members of the Nepalese palace court including prime minister and relatives of the king. After the massacre, Janga Bahadur ended the rule of Shree 5 and started Shree 3 and began to rule over Nepal. In his tenure, used the government’s capital for his own goods, i.e. his luxurious lifestyle.

Here is some glimpse, how was the behavior of Janga Bahadur Rana actually has.


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