When you are pregnant, there are many new habits to adapt to. You feel excited, and you immediately start researching on what you should do. But, did you know that there a lot of don’ts as well? So, we have made a list of 7 don’ts that you should be aware of, for the healthy growth of your baby and Things You Should Avoid During Pregnancy.

1.Watch your diet

Foods like raw meat, raw eggs, and unpasteurized dairy hinder the development of your baby. Why not eat those? Such foods carry the potential risk of foodborne illness and food poisoning.
So, make sure your diet is healthy with fruits and vegetables.

2.Don’t drink a lot of coffee

Don't drink a lot of coffee.
Too much caffeine increases your blood pressure and makes you pee frequently.
Limit to 1 cup of coffee when you’re pregnant.

Caffeine increases your blood pressure and makes you pee frequently. So, limit your coffee to just 1 or 2 cups every day.

3. Don’t overdo exercise

While regular exercises are safe during pregnancy, do not go for complicated tasks. Consult your doctor on what exercises are safe for your baby.

4.No Alcohol

Alcohol is a big ‘NO’ during pregnancy. Drinking alcohol can cause fetal alcohol syndrome to your baby after birth. Some of the symptoms of FAS are low birth weight, misbehavior, learning disabilities, and more.
Along with harming your baby, alcohol also puts your health at risk.

Drinking alcohol can cause fetal alcohol syndrome to your baby after birth.
Alcohol is a poison when you’re pregnant.

5.No Smoking

Smoking can lead to miscarriage, premature delivery, and sudden infant death during pregnancy. So, make sure to not even be around people who are smoking.

6.Don’t stay in the same position for long

Do not sit or stand for more than 20-30 minutes! it can cause swollen ankles. Take short breaks and move gently around the house.

7.Don’t use hair dyes

Don't use hair dyes. Hair dyes are loaded with toxic chemicals.
Hair dyes are a huge NO during pregnancy.

Hair dyes have a heavy load of toxic chemicals. So, it’s best to stay away from them. However, henna is a safe alternative for new hair color.

8.No X-rays (Bonus Tip)

X-rays during pregnancy can cause physical and mental illness in your baby. So, consult your doctor if your X-ray can wait until your delivery.


Here are a small recap of foods to avoid during pregnancy and Things You Should Avoid During Pregnancy:
Watch your diet
Limit Coffee
Overdo Exercise
No Alcohol
No Smoking
Don’t Stay in the same position for a long time
Hair Dyes

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