Bhatmas is made up of soybean and it is one of the best dishes in Nepal. Bhatmas Sadeko is a traditional Nepali dish that is mainly popular in the Newari community.

Bhatmas Sadeko is a very simple Nepalese snack. It is one of the best recipes with just a few ingredients. It is very easy to prepare and is very delicious. It can be served with a side dish, or simply with soft drinks.

Bhatmas Sadeko
Bhatmas Sadeko

Nowadays Bhatmas Sadeko is served or available in many restaurants. People also take this dish as a sedan with local drinks.

You can watch a below video to prepare a very delicious Bhatmas Sadeko.

Recipe of ‘Bhatmas Sadeko’

After watching the recipe steps and tips, you will be able to prepare ’Bhatmas Sadeko’ at your home.

Prepare a delicious Bhatmas Sadeko and serves your family members and make them happy and enjoy. You can also share this article with your friends and relatives.


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