The gaming way is changing, as all the services are shifting towards the cloud, gaming services are too.

Stadia is google’s vision of ultimate gaming. It is google’s game streaming service similar to NVIDIA GeForce Now and Shadow. It was announced at GDC ( Game Developers Conference), 2019 and official Stadia Controller was launched in Google I/O 2019 this past May. It is supercool.

The core concept of Stadia is, rather than buying a console for stadia, it will run in phones, tablets, computers and consoles.

Stadia Controller
Stadia Controller

Stadia will allow you to stream games up to 4K at 60 fps (frames per second). It will be on power with Xbox and OneX.

This streaming service is launching at $9.99 per month. It is less than the monthly subscription cost of Netflix. Some of the games launched are Far Cary 5, For Horror, GRID, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey etc.

Games in Stadia
Games in Stadia

It is awesome news for gamers, We don’t have to upgrade our consoles for playing the latest titles.

Hope this service will come to Nepal Soon.

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