Let’s admit it – Conquering Mt Everest (8848 m) is like flirting with death. The risks are very high – and, perhaps, for this reason, people all over the world pay a substantial fee to see the “face of death” itself.

The treacherous path to the highest submit in the world, takes lives pretty often. And, the bodies are simply abandoned. You might ask why?

First, for some time leaving the dead mountaineers in their final resting place was more like a tradition. But that is changing mainly because hundreds of new climbers almost step over the dead bodies every year and someone has to do something.

Image of a body in Everest
The harsh environment of Everest

Often the disgraceful end of a mountaineer is captured on camera or simply witnessed by people who know them. This is an awkward moment, in order to stop that bodies are simply “committed” to the mountain, what that means is that these bodies are pushed into crevasses in places where others do not see.

What happens to those who meet their premature death, depends on the wishes of the deceased or that of their families and the place where the death occurred. Returning a body from the claws of Everest is expensive. This would require six to eight Everest hardened Sherpas who have to risk their own life while rescuing lifeless other bodies.

Image of Everest
Conquering Everest is like flirting with death

A dead body at Everest will be hardened with ice and will weigh almost the double that of the body itself. This is why in most of the cases the body is left as it is.

It is also not clear, which organization, is responsible to remove those bodies. Hence the bodies on Everest, rest exactly where they are.

So how many bodies remain on Mount Everest? We will never know that for sure but that number is surely more than 200.


  1. Why do people are attempting to climb Mount Everest, as they know it is too risky & their is high change of death. I suggest, let nature be as it self & that is so beautiful. Our mother earth is boon to us, let’s do not try to conquer nature in the name of our self confidence, competition & breaking records.


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