Rice wine is famous in Nepal, as it is easy to make and cheap to buy. Rice wine is an alcoholic beverage that is distilled from rice. It is mostly consumed in southeastern Asia. It is made from the fermentation of rice starch.

Guys, you can make Nepali homemade rice wine by watching the video below.

How to make Nepali-style homemade rice wine.

Guys, you can make rice wine by, take a certain amount of rice and rinse it, then cook the rice for about 15 minutes. When the rice is cooked, spread it in a thin layer on a sheet and let it cool completely. After that, mix yeast ‘marcha’ powder with the rice then keep the rice in a deep air-tight container. You should place that container in a warm place for 8- 10 days. Finally, you have the hygienic rice wine.

Rice wine ‘chhyang’ , Image source: Needpix.com

Rice wine consists of alcohol content of 19–25%. They are used in formal Asian dinners and cooking. They have excellent health benefits if consumed in average amount.


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