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MV Agusta is a motorcycle manufacturing company founded on 12 February 1945 by Giovanni Augusta and headquartered in Varese, Italy. The meaning of MV stands for Meccanica (mechanics)  Verghera. The company produces small-displacement cafe racer-style Motorcycles(Probably 125 to 150 cc) through the 1950 and 1960.

Later on, Agusta started to manufacture large displacement in fixed quantity 250 ccs, and later a 350 cc twin were produced, and a 600 cc four-cylinder evolved into a 750 cc. Agusta Motorcycle uses and is good at racing in the founded era. The MV Agusta is able to win multiple Grand Prix motorcycle racing world championships through 1976.

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Now, MV Agusta has recently lunch their bikes in Nepal. It comes both in naked and Sports looks. MV Agusta bikes hot an aggressive design with class-leading performance and involve the use of most advanced technology and due to its aggressive looks and nice control, people were being crazy of this bike. The available model of MV Agusta in Nepal is as follows: 

MV Agusta, F3 675

MV Agusta, F3 675


Model: – F3 675

Displacement: – 675 cc, 6 gears

Torque: – 128 bhp @ 14400 rpm

Engine: -Electronic Fuel Injection

Fuel Tank: – 16.5 Litre

Mileage: -19 km/l

Price: – Rs. 41,90,000

MV Agusta, F4 Blanco

MV Agusta, F4 Blanco


Model: – F4 Blanco

Displacement: – 998cc, 4 Cylinders

Torque:- 195 Bhp

Max Speed : 291km/h

Price: – Rs. 57,90,000

MV Augusta, BRUTALE 675

MV Agusta, BRUTALE 675


Model:-BRUTALE 675

Displacement:- 675 cc , 6 gears

Torque:- 110 bhp @ 12500 rpm

Engine:- Electronic Fuel Injection

Fuel Tank:- 16 Litre

Mileage:- 20 kmpl

Price:- Rs. 25,45,000

Dragster RR Photo Loading
Dragster RR

MV Agusta, Dragster RR


Model:- Dragster RR

Displacement:- 798cc , 3 Cylinders

Torque:- 140 Bhp

Max Speed:- 244km/h

Price:- Rs. 46,90,000

MV Agusta BRUTALE 800 RR

MV Agusta, BRUTALE 800 RR


Model:- BRUTALE 800 RR

Displacement:- 798 cc , 6 gears

Torque:-125 bhp @ 11600 rpm

Engine:-Electronic Fuel Injection

Fuel Tank:- 16 Litre

Mileage:- 18 kmpl

Price:- 43,90,000

F4 Rossp Photo Loading Lodinf
F4 Rossp

MV Agusta, F4 Rosso


Model:- F4 Rosso

Displacement:- 998cc , 4 Cylinders

Torque:- 195 Bhp

Max Speed:- 291km/h

Price:- Rs.57,90,000

BRUTALE 800 RR, MV Agusta photo Loading
BRUTALE 800 RR, MV Agustav

MV Agusta, BRUTALE 1090


Model:- BRUTALE 1090

Displacement:- 1078 cc , 6 gears

Torque:- 144.00 bhp @ 10300 rpm

Engine:- Electronic Fuel Injection

Fuel Tank:- 23 Litre

Mileage:- 15 kmpl

Price:- Rs. 33,60,000

Authorized Dealer in Nepal.

Name:- Gearventure Bike Nepal Private Limited

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