So you want to know what foods are famous within all of Nepal? Ok! here is my list according to my observation, taste, and preferences.


I could not have started this article without mentioning Momo. Momos probably originated from China. They are a type of Chinese Dumplings. The outer crust or dough of Momo is very thin compared to Chinese Dumplings. Here in Nepal, the most famous Momos are steamed buff momos. The buff acts as the inner filling.

Image of momos

Dal Bhat Tarkari

This combo of boiled rice, lentils and spiced curry has never lost its popularity. This dish fills you up and is the staple food of Nepal. Based on how you cook your curry, and with what ingredients, the taste is going to vary.

Roti /Naan

I just mentioned that Dal Bhat Tarkari is the staple food of Nepal. So sometimes, out of boredom or for the taste buds or for health reasons, you might consider replacing boiled rice with Roti. Roti is the flat bread prepared by heating thin dough of wheat or maize flour in a tawa or a pan. Naan is similar to roti however it carries Indian influence.

Image of food


Gundruk is the fermented leafy vegetables and are unique to Nepal. You can make curry out of Gundruk or you can prepare it as a pickle. Gundruk goes well with Dheedo, but if you are thinking what Dheedo is look below.


Dheedo is wheat or maize flour pudding made by boiling these flour and continuously stirring. This is another alternative to boiled rice and perhaps more healthy too. The unfortunate thing is Dheedo is getting behind in terms of popularity in Nepal.

Chiura (Beaten Rice)

If you noticed this is also a rice product, which should not surprise you since paddy is the most important and widely farmed crop in Nepal. Beaten rice can make a good partner with curry, curd and meat.

Image of Beaten Rice
Any body, feeling hungry?

That’s all for today, if you think I need to add other items in the list let me know by commenting below.


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