July 31st, August

Prabhu Bank, one of the nation’s leading financial institutions inaugurated their two new branches. The bank recently opened its branches in Parbat and Kaski district.

Prabhu bank
Prabhu bank

In Kaski, the new branch of the bank was established in Annapurna village 07, which was inaugurated by the village chairman Ghanshyam Chapagain. Similarly, in Parbat, the new branch of the bank was inaugurated by the village chairman Prem Sharma Poudel in Modi Village 06.

Both of the banks started its operation since the day of opening. The main purpose of the establishments of these banks is to provide access to quality banking service to its locals easily. The bank officials vow to grow the local economy by delivering excellent financial service to the villagers.

The bank has come with varieties of banking service related to business, firm, company and organization as well. For the betterment of both sides


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