The world is a big place and we all have our own tastes and preferences and this applies to food as well. We may debate for hours but we cannot agree if humans should be eating meat or not. We realize that many of us are vegetarians and in Kathmandu, there are ample veg restaurants. Here are some well known pure veg restaurants.

Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant

Located at the Shiva Complex in Kathmandu, Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant is high on our list. We found that their establishment story quite exciting as well.

Rameshwaram Sweets & Snacks

This vegetarian restaurant is located at Battisputali near Dwarika Hotel. They have received quite good reviews from their customers.

Image of veg food

OR2K Kathmandu

This restaurant lies in Mandala Street, Kathmandu. If you are a vegan and find yourself hungry nearby just enter this restaurant.

Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal, at Durbar Marg, is known for its North Indian food while making sure the quality of their vegetarian food.

Aniyor Veg & Vegan Restaurant

This restaurant is at Z-street, Thamel Marg. Every dish is vegetarian. Their naan is exceptional. In their website they maintain that theirs is the first vegan restaurant in Nepal that is run by Nepali vegan group.

Sangam Sweets

Sangam Sweets have different branches. In Kathmandu, they are present in Kamaladi, New Baneswar, and Kalimati. They are famous for sweets, Indian and South Indian foods.

Image of inner restaurant


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