What is your opinion towards meditation? You must have heard others saying meditation has a lot of benefits. But can you be sure? Let’s find out.

Human and meditation

Human beings have been practicing meditation since time immemorable, mainly for spiritual well being. Besides religious beliefs, science also has a lot to say about meditation.

Human has been practicing meditation since ancient age.
Human and meditation.

Scientific facts about meditation

Scientific research has found an increase in brain activity in persons who meditate. After 8 weeks, the brain’s grey matter of the regular meditators physically increased in size.

These meditators also lost the brain’s grey matter that is associated with stress. The number of antibodies produced inside the regular meditators’ bodies also increased – improving their immune system.

A healthier well being

Similarly, scientific research has found that meditation practitioners have comparatively low blood pressure than non-practitioners. These people also have smoother oxygen regulation in their blood.

In a cellular level, your chromosome’s telomere length increases as a result of regular meditation. Long telomere reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

Consider these facts with the world’s highest cause of death, CVD(Cardiovascular disease) and cancer. You will probably live longer if you meditate regularly.

Regular meditators have higher(Alpha) brain waves that reduce negative emotions such as anger and tension.

Meditation scientific benefits.
Meditation scientific benefits.

Let’s see what other scientific benefits meditation offers to humans.

  1. Lowers stress
  2. Lowers inflammation
  3. Boosts positive emotion
  4. Increases empathy toward other beings
  5. Increases focus and attention
  6. Improves multitasking ability
  7. Boosts memory
  8. Strengthens self-control
  9. Increases attention power
  10. Boosts introspection ability

Depression and anxiety

Work-related stress and anxiety almost knock us down once in a while. Moreover, they degrade our emotional and psychological well being. Meditation can help you to get rid of those toxic thoughts and fears.

A study conducted over 18 volunteers who practice meditation over 3 years experienced long term decreases in depression.


Apart from the outer knowledge, self-consciousness is a must to lead a happy life, Meditation gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and your bad thoughts.

Meditation as a brain exercise
Meditation as a brain exercise

A study found out that old people who practiced mindfulness meditation experienced reduced feelings of loneliness.

Helps you quit an addiction

Are you hopelessly addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or drugs?

If so, try meditation. With meditation, you will be aware of your addiction. You will also increase self-control towards your addictive behaviors. Daily practitioners can easily overcome their addiction by developing mental discipline.

Bottom line

  • Besides religious significance, scientific research has found out a lot of health benefits of meditation.
  • Meditation prevents chronic disease such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and CVD. It also strengthens your immune system.
  • It develops your social and emotional intelligence. So, you will be a kind, loving and gentle person.
  • Meditation helps you to deal with stress and anxiety.
  • It boosts your self-awareness and concentration power.

Hence, according to science, meditation is a brain exercise that has a lot of health benefits. It helps you excel in your career, private and public life.

Some meditate for relaxation, while some do it to focus. Practice it for your own purpose. Oommm…

See What Science Has to Say About Meditation!

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