Have you ever encountered someone who reads hands? What did they say about you? Were you sold on their reading? Well, it seems weird, but the shape of hands do seem to have a connection with a person’s personality.


The art of reading palms or palmistry has been around for centuries. According to palmistry, the lines of your palm can be used to determine your personality and temperament. Researches say that palm lines are a type of “Fossilized Record” of your development.

Palm lines are fossilized record of your development
What do researchers say about your palm lines?

But, it’s not just the palm lines. There is another aspect of modern palmistry that can be used to determine your personality.

Hand Shape Palmistry

The shape of palms and fingers can also indicate one’s character and personality. It’s a bit strange that our hands’ shapes reveal our personality, but science affirms it. The American Academy of Hand Analysis claims that every single hand has its particular meaning.

Each hand has a particular meaning
Every hand is unique!

So, what does your hand shape say about you? Let’s find out.

Square Hands

Square handed people are smooth, easygoing, and practical. Their hands look like a square when aligned together from wrists to finger bases. These people are sensible but short-tempered.

Firm Hands

A firm hand is a sign of persistence and toughness. People with firm hands tend to be physically active and reliable. They also look for consistency in all things.

Round Hands

If you have round, soft and sensual hands, then you are probably an art enthusiast. These people have a calm and creative personality. Most notably, they love art.

Pointed Hands

The pointed hands are known as psychic hands. Long, subtle and declining fingers are features of these hand types. Persons with these hand types have psychic abilities and great intuition. So, don’t lie to them. They will find out!

Spatulate Hands

People with a spatulate hands are action-takers. They are action-oriented and adventurous. The spatulate hands are wider towards the fingertips and narrow at wrists.

Large Hands

People with large hands tend to be attention-seeking. They also thoroughly focus on details and critical things. You may notice large hands in leaders, actors, and composers.

Short Fingers & Square Palm

Short fingers and square palm are signs of loyalty, honesty, and reliability. People with these hand types are genuine nature lovers. They also tend to think more about the past than their future.

Short Fingers & Rectangular Palm

Finally, if you have a rectangular palm and short finger, then you are an enthusiastic, outgoing, and goal-oriented person. You like randomness but, may turn impatient quickly.


What your hand shapes tells about your personality
Hand shapes reveal your personality

Here is what your hand shape tells about you:

  • Square Hands – smooth, easygoing, and practical
  • Firm Hands – persistent and tough
  • Round Hands – calm and creative
  • Pointed Hands – psychic and intuitive
  • Spatulate Hands -adventurous
  • Large Hands – attention seeking
  • Short Fingers & Square Palm – loyal, honest, and reliable
  • Short Fingers & Rectangular Palm – outgoing, enthusiastic, and goal-oriented
Your hand shape and your personality

So, what is your hand’s shape? Do the given personality characters match your hand’s shape? Let us know in the comment section.

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