Shoes are essential footwear for humans. They also carry fashion value. Good comfortable shoes certainly last a great distance. While buying shoes we look at the brand value, comfort and durability. To help you choose your shoes, here is a list of top ten shoe brands in Nepal.

1. Adidas

Adidas Shoes

This is an international shoe brand that grew out of Germany. This company was founded in 1924. Adidas was a family business set up by Dassler Brothers – Adolf and Rudolf. After World War II Rudolf formed a separate shoe company by the name of Puma. Adidas and Nike compete globally for dominance in the shoe industry.

Addidas builds shoes for men, women and kids. They also manufacture shoes specifically for sports including soccer, basketball, snowboarding, volleyball, yoga, tennis, boxing and weightlifting.

You can find Adidas from upwards of Rs. 3,500.

Official Website: Link
Online Purchase Nepal: Link

2. Nike

Nike Shoes

This is an American shoe brand that was founded in 1964. They are the biggest shoe brand in terms of revenue. Their revenue was over $36 Billion in 2017. Nike was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight as Blue Ribbon Sports. They changed their name to Nike in 1971. Their slogan is Just Do It is well known around the world. It is one of the top ten shoe brands in Nepal.

They are the world’s largest suppliers of athletic shoes. Just like Adidas, Nike also manufactures shoes for men, women and kids. Similarly, they also make shoes for specific purposes and even specific games such as cricket or soccer.

You can buy Nike shoes online. The price range starts from Rs. 9,900. The lowest price of Nike shoes in their official site in India is currently around IRS. 3,400.

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3. Goldstar

Goldstar shoes

As a company, Goldstar started in the mid-1970s under the name – Modern Slipper Industry Pvt Ltd & Kiran shoes manufacturers. This is a Nepali brand and is for price-conscious customers. Its craze and use have been increasing in Nepal and India. Their Hawaii Slippers branded as HATHI is known to all Nepalis.

This brand was down for several years but now it has come back with good designs and products. This brand is available in multiple colours for both women, men and kids. They employ more than 3000 people and produce around 75,000 pairs of footwear daily. We have chosen Goldstar as one of top ten brands in Nepal.

Goldstar Company has targeted all age groups offering shoes at very low prices. It is also exported to India. The price starts from Rs.500. You can buy these shoes in any shoe store in Nepal.

Official Website: Link
Online Purchase Nepal: Link
Facebook Page: Link
Phone: 01-4378950

4. Converse

Converse Shoes

This is an American shoe company that is a Nike subsidiary and one of the popular shoe brands in Nepal. Converse as a company started in the year 1908. Back then, they produced rubber shoes, that were often waterproof. They first produced basketball sneakers in 1917.

Converse manufactures skating shoes, outdoor shoes and other footwear for women, men, and children. The converse views their shoes as a fashion statement, something more than just functional shoes. Whether you wear casual or sports shoes, Converse always look cool.

I have tried this shoe and is amazing, you will feel comfortable on them. In Converse official site the men’s Converse Shoes start at $45.00. In Nepal, the price starts from Rs. 2,700.

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5. Fila

Fila Shoes

It is an Italian sporting goods company founded in 1911 in Italy but later purchased by a South Korean. Unlike other brands, Fila as a company started as a textile and knitwear maker.

Fila manufactures sportswear for women, men, children, and athletes. It is one of the largest sportswear company in the world. Fila Showroom is in Durbarmarg, Kathmandu. Here is their Facebook page. Right now, men’s Fila shoe prices start at INR. 825 in Amazon India.

I have got my feet into the Fila shoes and it is amazing. If you love Fila shoe, you can get it online. The price of the men’s Fila shoes starts from NRS. 4,999.

Official Website: Link
Online Purchase Nepal: Link

6. Shikhar

Shikhar Shoes

Unlike Fila, Shikhar shoes are the top branded Nepali shoes. This company produces different types of shoes like formal, sport, casual and also flip flop. Their tagline is “Style with Excellence”. They have more than 25 showrooms in Nepal and upwards of 700 suppliers of Shikar shoes.

By experiencing the blissful comfort, you will surely adore the Shikhar shoes. The shoes are crafted using a comfortable rubber sole. In fact, they are targeting youths to grow their market. Shikhar shoes as a domestic product makes it to the top ten shoe brands in Nepal.

Shikhar shoes are available for women, men, and kids. The price ranges from Rs. 400 to Rs 5,500. You can buy these shoes in many shoe stores in Nepal.

Official Website: NA
Facebook Page: Link
Online Purchase Nepal: Link
Phone: 01-4390487

7. Caliber 

Caliber Shoes

Again, Caliber is a Nepali brand. They make a variety of shoes such as sports, casual, formal and boots. Caliber has been making shoes for more than 20 years. Their shoes look very simple but attractive.

Caliber is a Nepali brand and is used by thousands of Nepalese to enhance their look. You look smarter by slipping your feet into Caliber sports shoes. These shoes are stylish and have soft soles that keep your feet relaxed during work hours.

Caliber shoes are available mostly for men and the price starts from Rs. 2000. Recently, they are making shoes for women also. You can buy these shoes from any authorized Caliber shoe distributors in Nepal or through their official website.

Official Website: Link
Facebook Page: Link
Online Purchase Nepal: Link
Phone: 01-4244748

8. Black Horse

Black Horse Shoes

It is a prominent Nepali shoe brand. The company has a humble beginning with Dinesh Shrestha leaving his job in gulf country to set up a footwear company in Nepal. According to Dinesh Shrestha, Black Horse is also getting exported.

The company focuses on quality, comfort, and style. Their shoes can be used for different occasions including for school and college shoes. It is a domestic product, so we feel we should encourage this brand. They employ around 100 people directly in the country.

Black Horse Shoe price starts from Rs. 1,600. You can get these shoes from shoe stores in Nepal. Black Horse Shoes also come with warranties. We have chosen Black Horse as one of the top ten shoe brands in Nepal.

Official Website: NA
Facebook Page: Link
Online Purchase Nepal: Link
Phone: 01-4216005

9. Timberland

Timberland Shoes

It is an American brand that manufactures outdoor footwear. It manufactures various types of shoes such as formal, sports, casual and sandals. Timberland is known for its tough boots for difficult terrains. They also have shoes to match with the weather.

Timberland is a bit expensive compared to Nepali brands. For more than 40 years the men’s boots have been an important part of Timberland shoes. Their quality is good and they have a good brand image. Timberland boots are well made to match their image and the price starts at Rs. 10,000.

Timberland website is selling men’s boots starting at $69.99. You can buy Timberland shoes from authorized distributor in Nepal. The price starts from Rs.6,500.

Official Website: Link
Facebook Page: Link
Online Purchase Nepal: Link

10. Royal shoes

Royal Shoe image
Royal shoes

Once more, Royal Shoes is a Nepali shoe brand. This brand is positioned to attract price-conscious customers. This shoe brand was established to decrease shoe imports and to make quality shoes in Nepal. Their tag line is “Naam Nai Kafi Chha”, which in English means “The Name is Enough.”

This company manufactures a varied collection of shoes such as party shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, boots, school and college shoes. They make shoes for women and men, and are available all over Nepal.

If you support Nepali products then this brand is for you. You can get a varied collection of Royal shoes in any shoe store in Nepal or can get online here. The price starts from Rs.2000.

Official Website: Link
Facebook Page: Link
Online Purchase Nepal: Link
Phone: 01-4261890

Which is your favorite shoe brand? Comment.

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  2. Goldstar is doing quite well. In fact, there is a new brand that sounds similar ‘Goodstar’. Does anyone have any idea on how good Goodstar is?

  3. Lockdown going on in nepal, where can i buy Men’s Running Shoes at butwal ? I want it online and also pay via e-sewa, any suggestions for me.


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