Are you looking to enjoy a short trek or even a day hike?

Hiking around Kathmandu is a good option for people looking to enjoy short duration treks/hikes whole escaping the ruckus of the city.

The Kathmandu valley is surrounded with green hills all around that offer great views. Similarly, these short treks can be enjoyed by people of all ages all around the year.

Here are three of the most popular treks/hikes around Kathmandu.

1. Shivapuri-Chisapani Trek

The Shivapuri-Chisapani Trek takes you through the Shivapuri National Park to the amazing mountain viewpoint at Chisapani.
With a scenic trail filled with beautiful flora and fauna, this trek is sure to bring you close to nature.

Chisapani Hiking Trail

If you go on this trek in the spring season, you will also be able to witness the magnificence of the rhodendendron flowers that decorate the Shivapuri Hills.

Trek Duration: 2-3 Days

2. Shivapuri-Dhulikhel Trek

The Shivapuri-Dhulikhel Trek is an extension of the Shivapuri-Chisapani Trek. Apart from Chisapani, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and mountain views from Nagarkot viewpoint, the beautiful Namo Buddha Stupa and the historical city of Panauti.

Shivapuri National Park

Trek Duration: 5-6 Days

3. Chitlang-Kulekhani Trek

Chitlang-Kulekhani Trek is a great escape from the busy city life of Kathmandu. This Trek passes through the Chandragiri Hill and takes you to the Chitlang valley that lies to the south-west direction of Kathmandu.

You will also be able to enjoy boating at the Indrasarobar; a man-made lake at Kulekhani.

Trek Duration: 2-3 Days

Have you been on one of the above treks? If yes, let us know your experience in tyhe comments!!


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