About us

Utsav 360, as the name suggests, celebrates all facets of life. Life in itself is a celebration and we want everyone to enjoy it.  

Utsav 360 wants to be your friend in your life’s ups and downs.   

We want to create videos that you can emotionally relate to, videos that can inform you, videos that can educate you and videos that can make a positive impact on the society as a whole.  

We need your help to make this positive impact on every society.

We need your encouragement, your interaction, and your contribution. We are here to listen to you. Tell us what you like, tell us what you do not like and tell us what you want to see.  

Every Utsav 360 video that you watch, every comment that you make are valuable to us. In fact, they serve as an inspiration for us to keep on going.  

If you feel comfortable with our mission and aspirations, please like, subscribe and share us.