Don’t we all love sleeping? But no matter how much we try, most of the time we end up going to bed pretty late. Lack of sleep affects health?

Here are the top seven ways how lack of sleep affects health.

1. Dark circles and acne

Lack of sleep dilates your blood vessels, leaving you with dark circles and acne breakouts.
Moreover, when we sleep the pace of cell division increases, thus giving time for your body to heal skin damages. Without sleep, the pace of sleep division decreases. So, try going to bed early for good skin.

2. Weak memory:

Less sleep doesn’t allow your brain to process memories. In the long run, lack of sleep negatively impacts both your short-term and long-term memory.

Image of a sleepless woman
Sleep is required to process memories.

3. Lack of concentration

Proper focus and concentration are disturbed when your brain hasn’t got enough rest. Meanwhile, good sleep keeps your interest and focus alive.

This also means that you will be more productive if you are well-rested, and this will compensate for the long hours you give to your tasks.

4. Mood swings

No one feels good when they’ve barely had any sleep. Besides that, with inadequate sleep, you will become extremely moody, emotional and short-tempered.

Actually, mood swings and sleeplessness are connected – one affects the other.

The cause of mood swings is the imbalance in brain chemicals that are associated with mood balance.

5. High blood pressure

Sleeping for less than five hours for several nights quickly raises the risk of high blood pressure. This is so because a lack of sleep reduces your body’s ability to manage stress hormones.

Image of person checking blood pressure.
Lack of sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure.

6. Increased weight

Your brain is totally off balance because of less sleep. You will want to give in to your cravings, leading to weight gain.
Again, this is due to hormonal changes that regulate appetite and hunger.

7. Low sex interest

A high libido requires a good sleep along with a balanced diet. So, lack of sleep can actually decrease your sex drive.
In men, poor sleep quality lowers levels of testosterone and their sperm count also decreases.
In women, lack of sleep causes poorer vaginal arousal.

If you lack enough sleep, your health will be affected in the following ways:

Image of a woman as well as text that lists what happens if you do not have adequate sleep
Reasons to sleep well.
  • Dark circles and acne
  • Weak memory
  • Lack of concentration
  • Mood swings
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased weight
  • Low sex interest

Now you know exactly what happens if you do not sleep well. Do not be harsh on your body. Sleep well for a balanced life.

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