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The air pollution consisting of thick smoke and dirt is rampant in most cities in Nepal. Even the capital city, Kathmandu is not an exception. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, face masks are in huge demand. Hence, we have collected the top 7 mask brands in Nepal.

N95 Disposable Mask

This is the mask you should be looking for if you want to guard against coronavirus. However, you must know how to use it properly. This mask comes with a 5 layer protection. Price around Rs.100.

N95 Disposable Mask


Pitta is a Japanese brand mask, which is washable as well. The filter is manufactured using sponge. You can use Pitta Mask for allergies, illness protection, pollution etc. It is available in a single size but that should fit for all people. Price starts from around 300 Rupees.

Pitta Mask

Atlanta Healthcare Mask

You can buy Atlanta Healthcare Masks to breathe clean air. This mask filters air through multiple layers. This brand claims that they use technology developed by the ish Ministry of Defence. You have the choice of having a mask with no valve, one valve and 2 valves. The price starts from Rs 3,500.

Atlanta Mask

PM 2.5 Normal Mask

You should easily find PM 2.5 Normal Mask in the market. It blocks dust, haze and influenza viruses and comes with adjustable nose clip made from high-strength composite materials.

PM 2.5 Normal Mask

Activated Carbon Face Masks

Activated carbon face masks are also easily available in the Nepali market. It uses a highly porous 45 Gsm Active Carbon Layer. It can effectively filter 99% bacteria and dust particles. This mask can also remove bad odours and organic vapours.

Activated Carbon Face Masks

Kids Mask-N99

Since children do not have developed immune system, they can easily fall sick because of impurities in the air. This mask is specifically designed for children. The mask is in itself has five-layer protection saving your child from respiratory diseases, eye and even skin diseases.

Kids Masks

Basic Navy Flu Guard Viral Safe N95 Pollution Face Mask

This is another top-quality mask from Atlanta using British filtration technology. You can use this mask for a breathing life up to 90 hrs. However, you can hand wash it with warm water and soap.

Navy Flu Guard Air Mask

These are the top seven mask brands in Nepal. Do you know other masks that we should have covered? If so, please comment below.



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