As soon as the Lockdown is over, Lozoom, which provides ride-sharing services in Nepal like Tootle and Pathao, is starting the service. With the opening of Lockdown, another new app, ‘Lozoom,’ is being added to the market of the Nepali Ride-Sharing Service. Pratik Subba, executive director of Lozoom Computer Services Pvt. Ltd., says that it is too late to start the service as per the plan made four years ago.

“But now we are coming up with a special plan,” he says. “We have a plan to make Nepal’s transportation system easier and more accessible.” So we are ready to connect passengers without internet and smartphones by providing booking service both online and offline. ‘

Lozoom will provide this service on motorcycles in the first phase. The company is preparing to add taxis, three-wheelers (tempo and safari for out of the valley), Bolero and Scorpio reserves.

Although it will start from Kathmandu, Lozoom’s service will soon be extended to major cities like Biratnagar, Pokhara, Dharan, Itahari, and Chitwan. Prateek Subba and Dennis Karki, a group of young people who have returned from studying in Denmark and Australia, and Gunja Sunuwar, an information technology consultant, are working on the project.

Among them, Virat Medical College will also invest in motorcycle ride-sharing. According to Subba, various people are preparing to invest in a taxi service abroad.

Security Fund

For the safety of passengers and partners, Luzum will arrange a safety fund for all vehicles. In case of any accident, some part of the treatment of the passenger and partner will be provided through Luzum’s Peer Health Center.

For the added safety of female passengers, female passengers will be able to choose a female driver before deciding on a vehicle. The company plans to provide female partners to female passengers in such cases based on availability.

Aiming at its passengers, Lozoom will provide some free travel services on a monthly basis for 5 years to 55 passengers traveling at the earliest.

You Can Download the App From both Play Store and App Store :

Download User App

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Download Driver App

Get it on Google Play
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