Economics deals with the optimal allocation of limited resources. This optimal allocation leads to prosperity. So, for generating maximum wealth, we must understand economics.

In Nepali society, people do not pay much emphasis on economists. However, Nepali society is slow-changing. The proof – for the first time in Nepal, young economists at high school can take part in Economics Olympiad. The final will be held from February 14th to 16th. It is easy to remember as the final starts from Valentine’s Day.

According to the organizers their mission is to “inspire young talents from the Nepal who will become leaders of tomorrow in Economics, Finance and Business.”

The eligibility criteria for participation is very simple. The candidates must be less than 20 years of age before 30th June 2020. In addition, they must be pursuing a high-school diploma. The registration charge is NRS 500. For registration visit this link.

As per the organizers, participants from all seven provinces will be chosen from eight places. If you want to compete from Kathmandu Valley, the date is February 1, at King’s College, Bijulibazar. Altogether, 60 students will take part in the olympiad and top students will be awarded.

Furthermore, the top five students from the Olympiad will get a chance to compete in the International Economics Olympiad, which will be held at Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan.

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