Finally, Nepal Medical Council has acted on the application that the council received from Sanjeev Neupane. Sanjeev Neupane had lodged a complaint against Grande International Hospital for medical negligence while treating his newborn son – Rihan.

Rihan’s parents Sanjeev and Ekata knew that their son suffered from many health complications the moment he was born at Grande Hospital. Sanjeev says that the hospital carried out several malpractices, one after another, that left his son catatonic.

Sanjeev says that Grande Hospital refused to accept that they made any mistake. So on May 22, 2019, he filed a complaint against Grande Hospital to Nepal Medical council. You can know more about the case below.

Acting on the complaint, Nepal Medical Council, after reviewing the case, contacted the concerned hospital and asked them to put paediatrician Dr Dipika Dhakal under probation while warning neurosurgeon Amit Thapa.

Sanjeev Neupane, however, is not happy with the decision saying it’s “too little too late”. He is particularly unhappy that “no action was recommended.” Further, he alleged that the Medical Council even refused to give him the council’s decision. He added that the council asked him to take this matter to a court.

Dr. Ankur Shah, the officiating registrar at the medical council, has clarified that it is up to the court to decide whether to award compensation to the victim’s family.


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