Almost all homes in major cities do have a washing machine. The days of manual washing are almost over. Here is our list of the top 7 Washing Machines in Nepal. The list does not follow any order whatsoever.

Samsung Washing Machines:

Let’s face it. Samsung is a huge brand in the Nepali market with so many electrical and electronic appliances. Like most of their other products, Samsung washing machines are also very popular in Nepal.

Samsung Washing Machine

Videocon Washing Machines:

You can find Videocon products in the Nepali market easily. Videocon is an Indian Company with manufacturing hubs in India as well as Italy, China & Poland. As per Wikipedia, the company is slightly in decline. Please be very careful while buying Videocon, because I have seen some nasty comments on Videocon washing machines.

Videocon Washing Machine

LG Washing Machines:

LG is another South Korean Brand. In fact, LG washing machines are tough machines built to last, while performing well. I have seen some of the best reviews written for LG Washing Machines. If you are looking for a sound Rupees by Rupees evaluation LG washing machines are what you can go for.

LG washing machine

Whirlpool Washing Machines:

Whirlpool is an American Brand. It is one of the Fortune 500 companies with its headquarters in Michigan. This company works hard to make sure that all of its products are of high quality. This shows in their washing machines as well.

Whirlpool Washing Machines

CG Washing Machines:

CG is a domestic Nepali brand. It is the shortened form of the Chaudhary Group. Theirs is the most successful Nepali brand. They provide quality products based on the income of Nepalis.

CG washing machines

Hisense Washing Machines:

Hisense is a Chinese brand, which is also a state-owned enterprise. This company produces economic washing machines that are feature-packed. In fact with its sensor technology, it can adjust the water, energy, and time for efficient washes.

Hisense Washing Machines

Hitachi Washing Machines:

I am quite surprised to see that only one Japanese brand made it to the list. Hitachi is a multinational conglomerate company with its headquarters in Tokyo. It operates in 11 business segments. Hitachi washing machines are a little expensive, however, they are worth it.

Hitachi Washing Machine

This is our list of the top 7 Washing Machines in Nepal. If you think I need to add a brand or pull out a brand from the list, please do comment.

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