When you comes to higher education, if you can afford there are dozens of countries to choose from. This means there are literally thousands of colleges and universities where you can study. You just need to decide on what you are going to study.


If you want to study in Australia, it is actually a good decision. The lingua franca of Australia is English and there are plenty of renowned universities there.

Australia has more than 1200 academic institution providing you with a massive option of some 22,000 courses. By the time you complete your course, you will have a certificate from a developed country.

Image of Sydney Bridge
Sydney bridge

There are several reasons on why to study in Australia from Nepal. Here are some:

  • Faster graduation compared to other countries. You can finish your master’s degree in as little as one year
  • Affordable compared to USA and UK.
  • A curriculum that is widely recognized and modern
  • Safe country with good climate
  • Destination of more than 40,000 Nepali students.
  • Employable in most countries.
  • Simple visa process

You can directly apply to the University/college of your choice or get help from a consultancy.


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