Top 6 Makeup Brushes In Nepal


Makeup brushes are important parts of makeup. There are many types of brushes available in the market. Some brushes are of high-quality and some are of average. So, here is a list of 6 popular Makeup Brushes In Nepal that I know of.

Ladies, read on to find your perfect makeup brushes here.

1. Revlon

Price in Nepal: NRs.900-2100

Revlon all brushes use ultra-soft, premium fibers and common birch wood handles for expert quality outcomes also one of the popular Makeup Brushes In Nepal. It gives the makeup artist quality and flawless result. It blends very well and easily available at an affordable price.

Revlon Makeup Brushes
Revlon Makeup Brushes

2. BH Cosmetics

Price in Nepal: NRs.1500-3500

BH Cosmetics is a worldwide makeup brand that is easily available at a reasonable price. Its brand quality is excellent and its brushes have very soft fibers. It blends the foundation very well and gives a flawless result.

 BH Cosmetics Makeup Brushes
BH Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

3. TonyMoly

Price in Nepal: NRs.590-2000

TonyMoly blusher brush is made with soft fibres and it blends all around the skin. Its quality is good and the brush provides a natural gentle look. The brushes are smooth which gives flawless results.

TonyMoly Makeup Brushes
TonyMoly Makeup Brushes

4. Zoeva

Price in Nepal: NRs.1750-1800

Zoeva is a high-quality makeup brush that is available in a different design. Pro-artists use this brand. The brushes blend all around the face and give a flawless, photo-ready finish.

Zoeva Makeup Brushes

5. Vega

Price in Nepal: NRs.60-1200

Vega is especially good for makeup beginners. It blends all around the face very nicely and evenly. The brushes are soft and smooth which gives a flawless finish.

Vega Makeup Brushes

6. Royal

Price in Nepal: NRs.350-500

Royal brushes are soft and smooth which is beloved by a makeup user. The brushes work perfectly all around the face. It is found easily and these brand brushes are quite reasonable.

Royal Makeup Brushes

Which brand brushes do you prefer? Please leave us a comment and share this article with your friends.

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