Let’s get a little romantic here. Romance needs small material helps as well. Taking your girl (or boy) for a candlelight dinner can work wonders in your relationship.

Kathmandu is big, little noisy and has a sort of mysterious nature. Hence in this list, we are decoding this strangeness of Kathmandu by giving pointers to the places where you can enjoy Candle Light Dinner.

Kakuri, Soaltee

This being a five star hotel, it is going to hit your pocket hard, unless you have very deep pockets. The ambience is great.

La Dolce Vita

The restaurant has great food – pastas, pizzas and risotto – and a small balcony as well. Just request for the candles and maybe some wine to go with. There is the formula for your perfect evening.

Image of restaurant
Looks attractive. Don’t you agree?

Le Sherpa

Le Sherpa serves good steaks and real good salads. You get ample parking as well. Here, your candle light dinner is bound to be magical.

Vino Bistro

This place is cosy where you will find cheese plates, wine and olives. Just order what suits you best. Burn some candles and there you go – a perfect candle light dinner.

Image of cakes on a rack
The food presentation is nice!

Salon De Kathmandu

The food is amazing and you should be able to get a perfect candlelight dinner here. We recommend you to take teriyaki burgers or bulgogi rice bowls.

image of candles burning
The candles of love and lights

If you think you have discovered some great place for candle light dinner, leave me your comment below, I promise to act on it.


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