“If I had to teach someone just one thing about lip color, it would be this: Find a lipstick that looks good on your face when you are wearing absolutely no makeup.”

1. Lakme Absolute Matte Lipcolor

  India's Number 1 lipstick
India’s Number 1 lipstick

Another pretty product from Lakme, this lipcolor is a winner. This color can be worn for college and office without any fear of inappropriateness. The Lakme matte lipstick color is more of a pinkish brown and leans more towards nude.

This matte lip color makes your lips look lush, matte and bold.The formula is long-wear by nature, feels feather-light on your lips and has an intense, deep and rich color pay off in a single stroke.

Indian website: Link (Lakme)

Available Stores: Lakme India

Price: 500 Onwards

2. Maybelline

   India's Number 2 Lipstick
India’s Number 2 Lipstick

Maybelline has plenty of lipsticks to play up your pout. Go from dramatic bolds for a night out to nudes for a job interview. And with a shade range as wide as ours, there’s a color to complement every skin tone. 

Gliding smoothly, these long-lasting hydrating lipsticks are the best choices for ladies who prefer hydra-moist comfort and appearance end up with a beautiful matte finish. 

Indian Website: Link

Available store: Maybelline India

Price: 330 Onwards

3. MAC Impassioned Lipstick

India's Number 3 Lipstick
India’s Number 3 Lipstick

Being one of the global and expensive lipstick brand names, it manufactures iconic   lipstick products to showcase your lips in unique shades and definition.

As you go MAC, you never go back! Each and every lipstick from this brand is super-smooth and long-lasting.

Indian Website: Link

Available Stores: Indiamart, MAC Cosmetics

Price: 600 Onwards

4.  L’oreal Paris

 India's Number 4 L'oreal Paris Lipstick
India’s Number 4 L’oreal Paris Lipstick

Besides cosmetics, L’Oreal specializes in the areas of skin care, hair care and fragrance. When it comes to Lipsticks, it is a highly reliable brand as it offers high-quality rich colors and flawless finishes. 

Indian Website:Link

Available stores: L’oreal paris, L’oreal india

Price: 1000 onwords

5. NYX

India's Number 4 NYX Lipstick
India’s Number 5 NYX Lipstick

If you wish to have a non-glossy and high fashion matte finish, then an NYX lipstick could be your choice. NYX lipsticks have a striking balance of neither being too glossy nor matte, it transforms to matte finish on lips and gives an incredible staying power.

Indian Website: Link

Available Stores: NYX Professional Makeup India

Price:600 onwords

6.  Revlon

  India's Number 6 NYX Lipstick
India’s Number 6 NYX Lipstick

You can find a Revlon in most makeup bags of women. The lipsticks from this brand have become a cult favourite for their ultra-creamy texture that is enriched with a liquidity formula that makes your lips soft and lustrous. You can buy its super lustrous lipstick for a sheer to medium coverage.

Indian website: Link

Available Store: Revlon India

Price: 600 onwards

7. Avon

India's Number 7 Avon Lipstick
India’s Number 7 Avon Lipstick

Lip colors from this brand give you 100% matte finish.  The highly-pigmented formula makes your lips look fuller. Don a shade that matches your persona and your outfit. Slay it in style at a party or at the workplace with Avon range of lipstick shades. 

Indian Website: Link

Available Stores: Avon India

Price: 300 onwards

8. Colorbar velvet Matte Lipstick-Bare

India's Number 8 Avon Lipstick
India’s Number 8 Avon Lipstick

Colorbar Velvet Matte lipstick gets all credits for affordable matte lipsticks in India. I think matte, I think Colorbar. Bare is a daily nude-brown and is My Lips But Better color. It hugs your lips like a cute little cushion and has a good staying power.

Indian website: Link

Available Stores: FLipkart

Price: 300 onwards

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