Photo Jassita Gurung

Jassita Gurung, a Nepali Actress and Model, debuted in the Nepali Cinema Industry from the film Lilly Billy. In fact, she won two Best Debut Actor Awards for Lilly Billy.

Though Jassita was born in Nepal, she grew up in the UK. She made her name in the entertainment industry after winning the UK DANCE OFF 2017. Here is her dance.

After Lilly Billy, she has worked on the film “Love Station”.

However, these days Jassita is far from the limelight. We really do not know what she is doing. There were rumours that Jassita was in love with actor Pradeep Khadka but both of them denied these rumours. By the way here is an interesting video of Jassita Gurung with Pradeep Khadka.

We are aware that Jassita is waiting to work on the film “I am Twenty One”, which is going to be directed by Renasha Bantawa Rai.

Recently, Jassita has posted an interesting post on Instagram revealing she is waiting for someone. Here is her post.

This status hints that she is waiting for someone. But we do not know who the lucky person is. Can anyone solve this puzzle for us? Please do comment below.


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