Do you have obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors? If you do, then it may be due to Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

But, What is an Obsessive-compulsive disorder?Obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD) is a type of anxiety disorder in which people experience repetitive and disturbing thoughts and behaviors.

Signs and symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder
Signs and symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder

OCD patients perform a specific ritual repeatedly in response to their obsessive thoughts. For instance, checking their keys over and over again(compulsion) in fear of losing them(obsession).

Here are some familiar signs & symptoms of OCD. Check if you experience any of them.

1. Fear of germs or dirt

You have obsession about getting contamination.
Fear of germ and diet.

You have an excessive fear of germs or dirt. So, you avoid touching things, and even if you touch, you wash your hand repeatedly to prevent contamination.

2. Extreme need for order & arrangement

You feel uncomfortable when things are out of place. You have an obsession to see them in order. So, you look at the detail arrangement of your T.V, table, or bed in your room compulsively

3. Fear of hurting others

You are aware that hurting others is not right, but you have obsessive thoughts about injuring others. Your thinking becomes so obsessive that you start to fear it.

4. Fear of making a mistake

You fear being wrong so you need constant reassurance and validation.
Fear of making mistake

You fear of being wrong. So, you seek constant reassurance and motivation from others to validate yourself.

5. Fear of embarrassment

You fear embarrassing others in a social situation.
Fear of embarrassment

You are afraid you may misbehave or curse in a social situation. So, you try to avoid contact with people.

6. Fear of blasphemous & sexual thoughts

You imagine disturbing sexual scenarios and often think of disrespecting common ethical values. These thoughts haunt you.

Bonus: Counting numbers on daily rituals

You count the splashes of water while washing your face or the steps you take while climbing stairs. You do this in a specific number pattern to satisfy yourself.

Bottom line

  • OCD is an anxiety disorder in which people perform compulsive behaviors in response to their obsessive thoughts.
  • Some of the common obsessions are fear of germs and contamination, counting numbers, and looking for the detail arrangement of objects.
  • So, the OCD patient performs specific behavior impulsively and repetitively such as washing hands repeatedly or counting numbers to ease their obsessions.
  • The obsession becomes uncontrollable thought and affects your daily life.
  • OCD patients may experience obsession, compulsion or both.

OCD is treatable, and you can be normal again.

7 signs and symptoms of OCD

Are you familiar with these symptoms? If you are, then consult a doctor. Seeking professional help can make a huge difference in your life. Don’t make your life hard.

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