“Good Sleep, Good Health.” Sleep is essential for all aspects of a healthy well being. But, how to get good quality sleep? Well, the answer is a good sleeping posture.

You cannot be healthy without a night of good sleep.

Why are sleep positions important?

Sleep has not only a direct impact on your health but also your personality. A night of inadequate sleep can make you grumpy the next day. It may also affect your concentration and productivity levels at work.

You may not get a good night’s sleep if you sleep in a bad posture. So, you must be aware of your sleeping position for better sleep.

Bad sleep position can cause sleep apnea, body ache, neck pain, and nightmares. Furthermore, you may feel tired, irritated, and depressed throughout the day.

Best vs Worst Sleeping Position
Best & Worst Sleeping Position

Here are few sleeping positions you can try for better sleep.

BACK Position

According to sleep experts, the back sleep position is the best position except for those who snore. This position eases our head, neck, and spine.

Back sleep position is ideal for preventing back pain, acid reflux, and maintaining perky breasts. At this position, your body stays neutral and spine aligned.

SIDE Position

If you snore at night, sleep at your side position. This position is best for those with sleep apnea, snoring, neck pain, and pregnancy.

Pregnant women should sleep in the left side position for adequate blood flow. Grab a pillow between your legs while opting for this simple position.

Sleep positions that are bad for good quality sleep

Most of us may already have our favorite sleeping positions that we find extremely comfortable. But, not all sleep positions are good for health. Here are some of the positions you should avoid for better sleep.

STOMACH Position

Stomach position is the worst position as it can cause back and neck pain. This position goes against your natural spine position and interferes in blood circulation as well.

FETAL Position

Fetal position is also not a good sleeping position. This position can induce neck and back pain, wrinkles and saggy breasts. So, ignore this position.

Tips for Better Sleep

Along with sleeping positions, you can try the following tips for better sleep:

  • Avoid drinking caffeine late in the day.
  • Reduce daytime naps.
  • Create a routine to sleep and wake up at consistent times.
  • Minimize external noise and light in your bedroom.
  • Find a comfortable mattress and pillow.
  • Calm your mind.
  • Take a relaxing shower before bed.
Tips for Better Sleep
7 Tips for Better Sleep


Now you know, how your sleeping positions can affect your sleep and mood the next day. Try getting deep and adequate sleep. Consider back or side position according to your body condition and ignore lousy position.

Best Sleeping Positions for Better Sleep

You cannot be healthy without a night of good sleep. We hope the sleeping positions mentioned in this article will help you achieve better sleep.

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