If you are tired of playing quite the same old songs, tune into Bluesss‘s new song called ‘La La La La‘. This song is fresh. Actually, the first release of this song was only performed by Bluesss. But, the new remix of La La La La has a guest appearance of Lil Buddha a.k.a Sacar and VTEN. Both of them are quite busy on the Nephop scene recently. This song music is composed and arranged by Bluesss’s himself.

Bluesss’s New Song “La La La La” from his debut album “Blue Up High.”

La La La La is one of Bluesss’s 1st upcoming album “BLUE UP HIGH”‘s song. He has also been working with U.N.I.Q lately. This song is #25 on the youtube trending list currently.

You can get the Jazzy and Soul music feelings when you hear this song. Meanwhile, Lil Buddha and VTEN drop some cool verses. You will surely like this song if you are a rap/soul music listener.

Do you like this song or not? Should they make more songs together?

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