Pizza is the most popular Italian dish in the whole world and, of course, who does not love a pizza? After all pizzas come in various tastes and I am sure you have at least one favorite. What’s better – pizza does not always need to be non-veg, there are veg toppings available.

As a cosmopolitan city, Kathmandu also loves pizzas and there are several Pizzerias distributed all over the city. The preparations for pizzas can be different from the firewood based pizzas to oven baked ones. Here is a list of pizzerias that we know and like.

Fire & Ice

Location: Sanchaya Kosh Bhawan, Tridevi Marg, Kathmandu

Image of Fire and Ice Pizzeria
The place surely looks inviting

Pizza Hut

Location: Durbar Marg Kathmandu
Notes: Pizza Hut is an international chain

Roadhouse Cafe Thamel

Location: Thamel, Kathmandu
Notes: Vegetarian-friendly

Image of Pizza
Yummy Pizza

Little Italy

Location: Kamaladi, Kathmandu
Signature dish: Wood-fired Thin Crust Pizza

Pizza King

Location: Narsingh Chowk, Thamel, Kathmandu

Image of pizza preparation
Behind the scenes pizza making

Sal’s Pizza

Location: Nursery Road, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

Smokin’ Joe’s Pizza

Location: Thamel Marg, Kathmandu

These are some of the Pizza sellers, I can think of. If you think I should add some more on the list, let me know by commenting below.


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