‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 3 called “The Long Night” just released on April 29 on Sunday and the episode left everyone’s jaws on the floor. The Dothraki army disappeared into thin air, the main characters are still alive, and the army of the dead is all dead? There are plenty of questions.

The episode was highly unexpected by the audience and well, not in a good way. Some say it’s the best; some say it’s the worst. It’s as blurry as the dark scenes on the episode to figure out what the show delivered to the audience.

But, for your ease, we collected a lot of interesting reviews from websites, youtube comments, twitter and many more that will make you want to question whether the past 8 years of your life was worth it.

I suppose, let’s begin with the moment right before the Night King was turned into a thousand pieces of ice. Shattered, like my expectations, by Azor Ahai.

Erik Kain, Senior Contributor of Forbes

How did Arya get through all those zombies and White Walkers to actually get the drop on the Night King? And why was it so dang dark?


After eight years of build-up, with promises of zombie swarms and ice dragons, it can finally be said: The Night King is a real bore. A party pooper to the extreme. I’m glad he’s dead! Season after season of Game of Thrones has passed with the frost-faced White Walker silently promising doom for the denizens of Westeros. After all that, it only took one epic episode, “The Long Night,” to dash all his plans and turn him and his dramatically inert army into a pile of snowflakes. Now, I’m here to dance on the Night King’s grave.

David Sims, theatlantic.com

There’s no catharsis or payoff in anything that happened in “The Long Night.” Yes, it was cool to see Jon and Dany tearing through the sky on their dragons laying waste to the army of the dead with massive gouts of flame. But this episode felt weirdly self-contained, like everything that’s happened leading up to it didn’t matter.



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