Want to hang out with your friend group at a perfect spot? Have a date to go to? But, having trouble searching for a suitable place?

Look no further!

Here is a list of good restaurants in Kathmandu, handpicked by ourselves.

1.Places Restaurant & Bar

Located at Saat Ghumti Marg, this place offers a menu from breakfast to dinner. They have delicious food at a great price.

2. Blueberry Kitchen & Coffee Shop

Located at Paknajol, this restaurant has a great variety of delicious food and drinks. They have a cozy environment as well.

3. Kathmandu Kitchen Restaurant

Located at Thamel Marg, this restaurant has great service and great food. They are also a very affordable restaurant.

3. Pepe pizza

This restaurant has a very reasonably priced pizza and they are in a very large size. Their beverages menu are also affordable than most restaurants.

4. Zen Bistro

This restaurant may be expensive but the great ambiance and delicious food make it worth it.

5. Burger House and crunchy fried chicken

An affordable restaurant with great food is this restaurant.


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