Everything in life is given. Even our bodies are really not ours. The earth that we live in does not really belong to us.

Take some time and think about it.

The most valuable things in life are also free. You really do not purchase your mother’s love or your father’s warmth and your society’s acceptance.

Necessity of Wealth

However, that does not mean we should destroy property ownership. We know that ownership is vital for the progress and most efficient use of resources. It also encourages people to work hard and create wealth. Wealth is necessary for our wellness.

Wealth creation is not possible without the help of society. In and interdependent modern society, you must probably use things that are manufactured in different corners of the world. Believe it or not, at this point of time in the whole of human history, we are much more dependent on people from different races, cultures and countries, just to exist.

I am not saying that inter-dependence is bad. In fact, it makes economic sense, and even brings people together. It also prevents societies from going into war with each other.

The wealth that you have earned directly or indirectly comes from hundreds or thousands of people.

Let us help each other.

Why Give?

However, all people in the world are not that fortunate. We have needy people, sick people, old people and people with various difficulties among us. The earth that you step on, the air that you breathe and the natural resources that you use equally belong to these people as well.

Sure, we have a hierarchy in a society but society is cohesive. If the people in a society refuse the norms and values of a society, existing would be very difficult. Your wealth will not be of any value. It might not even exist. Much of what you are worth is in papers only. If people just destroy those papers or do not honor those papers, then surely your wealth will have no value.

Hence, it is essential for those who have, to contribute to and let the have-nots live a dignified life. The have-nots should also be able to fulfil the basic necessities in life. And at the very least, the have-nots must also get a chance to rise in the social ladder with effort.

Hence giving to the have-nots is also very important to move our society forward. The international day of charity, celebrated on September 5th every year, reminds us all to help those that are left behind – the sick ones, the old ones, and the poor ones.

We all can rise by lifting others. It is not just about donation. It is about making the world a better place to live. It is also the most human thing we can do.

How much to give?

Charity – how much?

Surprisingly, religions have some pointers. As per Muslim religion you need to give around 2.5% of your income, while Christians and Jews agree on a 10% of your income. Large charitable organizations state that the average donation they receive from a person is somewhere between 3 to 5% of their income.

Finally, there is a great joy in giving. Giving extends your love and support. It is just like your family grew a little bigger. You will find more love and honor. This makes living life a little more worthwhile.

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