Babies do a lot of things inside the womb which is their home for nine months. But besides crying, moving and drinking their own pee, also can babies fart in the womb?

Baby & amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid is a type of liquid that fills the amniotic sac within 12 days of conception. The amniotic sac is the place where the baby develops.

At first, the amniotic fluid consists of water, but later it consists of more of the baby’s urine than water.

The amniotic fluid consists of hormones, antibodies, and nutrients. Further, it also helps protect the baby from bumps.

Pooping inside the womb

Babies pass their poop in the amniotic fluid. This event is quite common in babies that have already passed their due date. This poop mainly consists of water (up to 95%).
It doesn’t result in uterus infection, so you need not be worried.

Image of baby in a womb
Baby inside the amniotic sac.

Bubbling sensation in the womb

Sometimes, you might feel bubbling sensation in the womb. You might confuse that with baby farting. But no it is just the movement of amniotic fluid inside your womb.

Image of a baby
Babies cannot fart in the womb.

Farting inside the womb

During the development of the digestive tract, the tract is in itself silent. Furthermore, because there are no air pockets inside the womb, babies do not fart inside the uterus.


Although at times you might feel like your baby is farting inside the womb, it is just the amniotic fluid. Without the presence of air pockets, babies do not fart inside the womb.

Image of a newborn.
Babies pass gas after being born.

Babies do not fart inside the womb; they will pass their gas after they are born. When they are born, you can massage their tummies gently to help them release the gas that is build up while they were in the womb.

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