Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora relationships talks was going on ever since she was not divorced. Therefore, this was not taken serious at that time.

But they began to appear in public after divorce and both of them proved that they were serious about each other.

Malika Arora And Arjun Kapoor

Arjun is younger than Malaika but who looks at age while in love?

Are both going to get married? Many times news of their wedding preparation was even made public, but later the news was proved false.

According to the news, Malaika and Arjun are happy with the situation they are in now.

Arjun Kapoor And Malaika Arora

The relation between them is far above then just a friend and they do not want to ruin the present situation by taking their relationship to the next level.

Therefore, it is clear that they have decided not to marry due to the situation. But they understand that happiness can be achieved even without marriage.

Recently, Malaika has also shared group picture with Arjun and friends in her Instagram.

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