Game of Thrones left everyone speechless with the latest episode called ‘The Long Night’ where Arya Stark of Winterfell played by Maisie Williams alone, changes the fate of Westeros. And, here is how she feels about her epic scene.

Regarding the prophecies and theories, everyone expected The King in The North, Jon Snow played by Kit Harrington to defeat the white walkers and The Night King. He was known as ‘the prince who was promised’, due to his tragic family history and him being a Targaryen as well. So, all eyes were on Jon Snow!

But, Game of Thrones being Game of Thrones, always shows what’s unexpected. In a recent behind the scenes of Game of Thrones video on YouTube, they revealed they didn’t want Jon Snow to kill the Night King and wanted to shift the focus to another character, i.e. Arya Stark.

At the end of episode 3, the Night King faces Bran Stark played by Isaac Wright. Just as the Night King is about to take out his sword to kill Bran, Arya jumps into the scene and stabs the Night King in the heart with a Valyrian steel dagger.

Have you watched the Episode 4 preview?