Game of Thrones’s young star, Isaac Hempstead Wright, also known as Bran Stark on the show, accidentally revealed the entire cast’s secret reunion part location to 2DayFM on April 29, Monday.

Isaac Wright via Instagram.

The FM show’s host Ash asked Isaac if there was going to be a cast reunion party and Isaac shared that they were talking about a trip to Ibiza for the party later this year. He said,

‘That’s so funny that you mention that because they were literally talking about taking a trip to Ibiza later this year,

Isaac Wright to 2DayFM

Quickly realizing that it was a mistake, the 20-year-old actor said that everyone is probably going to show up at Ibiza now that he has let it out to the world. He said,

‘I don’t know, maybe, I shouldn’t have said that out loud now, what an idiot. Everyone’s going to turn up now’.

Isaac Wright to 2DayFM

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