Prankster Revival, the brand is in the market since 2015 with the fantastic pranks and reaction videos. The crew members behind creative and awesome videos of Prankster Revival are Ashish Prasai, Sabnam Rai, Sushant Sigdel, Uttam Kc and Yogesh Nepal.

Recently, on 15 July 2019, Prankster Revival published a video on Youtube. In that video, Prankster Ashish Prasai has pranked his mother. Ashish was able to get the remarkable reaction of mother in that prank.

You can watch the video below:

Prank by Prankster Revival

That video was able to achieve 44,343 views on Youtube. Public interest in the video was also actively present.

Prankster Revival Video description screenshot
Prankster Revival Video description screenshot

Lots of viewers have commented on the video; the comment count had reached 696 till the date of this article published.

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