Within three months of his successful song, Karke Najar, Sanjib Parajuli has released another beautiful song called ‘Sochma’. This new song video is featured with the popular dance crew, The Cartoonz Crew. Currently, ‘Sochma’ is 2nd on Youtube trending list, which means people are loving this song. It was released on April 30.

Sanjib Parajuli, The Cartoonz Crew
The Cartoonz Crew on the Sanjib Parajuli’s new song video ‘Sochma.’

Talking about this song, it’s a pleasant love song. In the video, the main character who is an old man gets nostalgic when he accidentally found his crush’s photo from his young days. Meanwhile, he dwells into his past days and reflects some of the best and sad moments with his crush.

Now, let’s talk about ‘The Cartoonz Crew’ in this song. You couldn’t see ‘The Cartoonz Crew’ dancing in an entire song. That’s unique, Right! Rather, they unfold the story with acting. The climax of the video is quite sad.

Why the climax is sad? To find out watch the video given below.

Sochma by Sanjib Parajuli ft. The Cartoonz Crew

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