Hair frames the face. Some also say hair is an accessory. No matter what, our hairstyle can either make us look our best or um,… not the very best! Best Hair Salons in KTM?

But, it is not easy to achieve that perfect haircut or color of your desire because most salons are not well-trained about all the techniques. It can be draining to find the perfect hair salon that is going to give you the best results! So, for your ease, we have a series of best hair salons in Kathmandu for that gorgeous hair!

Note:- This list is based on our personal preference.(Best Hair Salons in KTM)

1. Veda Hair Salon

Located at Dillibazar, this professional salon offers a very friendly group of staffs and talented hair experts. At Veda, they know what they’re doing! They have an eye for perfection and they know every technique to perfect the tone, cut, color and style the hair! Every result is stunning and people love to stop by Veda from time to time. Hair colors prices ranging from Rs. 6/7000, they also provide skincare, makeup and laser packages! it is one of the popular Best Hair Salons in KTM.

Veda Hair Salon
Location: Veda Hair Salon
  • Address: Charkhal Road, Kathmandu, 44600
  • Call: 01-4421231
  • Open: 10 AM to 7 PM
  • Facebook: Veda Hair Salon

2. Habibs Hair and Beauty Salon

This salon has a peaceful environment and offers a variety of hair services such as hair styling, children hair cut, shaving and trimming of beard, hair color, henna, highlights, and more at an affordable price. They also provide services for a manicure, pedicure, waxing, and more.

Habibs Hair and Beauty Salon
Location: Habibs Hair & Beauty Salon

3. Asylum Hair Salon

Asylum Hair Salon takes hair styling very seriously. They sterilize every tool they use for their clients and use high-quality products. The products they use are imported from different countries such as the USA, Korea, India, China, and others.

Asylum Hair Salon
Location: Asylum Hair Salon

4. Tsubaki beauty parlor

Located at the heart of Durbarmarg, this beauty parlor offers services for skin care, makeup, waxing, and is also an expert in hair! They have talented staff who know everything about the perfect haircut and color. Along with the basic hair services, they also have Olaplex hair treatment and Brazilian Keratin treatment services.

Best Hair Salons in KTM
Location: Tsubaki Beauty Parlour

5. Dee Van Unisex Hair Salon

Dee Van is another great option for hair, skincare and more. They offer services for both men and women. What’s great about them is, they usually always have great deals!

Best Hair Salons in KTM
Location: Dee Van Unisex Hair Salon

So, how did you like our list? If you think we need to add new parlors, let us know by commenting below.


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