Nep-Gasm Comedy is one of the best platforms for stand-up comedians in Nepal. It might be a dream of an artist to perform in a Nep-Gasm stage.

Saroj Bhandari, one of the best stand-up comedians, is one of the names in the Nepali stand-up comedy because of his delivering power and creativity. As he is creative and fun, he is famous among the viewers.

In one of the show, Mr Bhandari had delivered the Jokes about ‘Trending Patrakar’ as it is practised in Nepal. You can watch the video below,

‘Hami Jhapai’ is also one of his best show in which, he delivers about the people of Jhapa and their wisdom. You can watch the video below,

You can support Saroj Bhandari following him on social media as he frequently updates on it.

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