Are you thinking of studying abroad? Well, most Nepali students are. We cannot blame them. There are several valid reasons why Nepalis want to study in foreign countries.

If you want to study abroad there are two paths to do so. First is to apply for yourself. In this age of the Internet, you just go to the website of the college or University you want to study in and apply.

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Where do you want to study?

The second option is to visit educational consultancies. They work as agents of universities and will do most of the paperwork for you. Remember the best universities in the world do not assign agents. They will just process your application irrespective of how applications are received.

After you decide on how to apply, either by yourself or using consultancies, focus on the country, where you want to study. While choosing the country, pay attention to the language, work permits, and programs. You would most probably like to work on the country where you study, so inquire about this as well.

Think about language proficiency tests!

If you want to study in USA, Britain or Australia, you will need to take english language skill test such as TOEFL or IELTS. If you want to get into a good US university, you may also need to take SAT or GRE tests as well.

If you want to study in countries like Japan or Korea, you may need to take language proficiency tests on respective countries aas well.

Finally, studying abroad is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have enough money to pay for your studies. So, find out whether you can legally work in the country where you want to study as well. If they do not allow you to work, you need to come up with a plan to pay your tuition, fees, and accommodations as well.

Good at studies? You may not need to pay anything to attend top universities.

If you are really good in your studies and get high marks in SAT and GRE score, you may be entitled to full scholarships including accommodation. Some of the world’s best universities admit students by providing them fully free education.


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