There are lots of smartphone brands available in Nepal. They are for people with different budgets, tastes, and preferences. So, it is up to you to find a smartphone that suits you. Here we have Top Smartphone Brands In Nepal:

However, here is the list of top smartphone brands that we have chosen. We came up with this list by paying equal importance to price, performance, and design.

1. Samsung

Ok, there is this Samsung vs Apple on most people’s minds. Mostly, in terms of brands, you might have heard about three smartphone brands Apple, Samsung and probably Huawei. Samsung’s brand value, according to Forbes, for the year 2018 was $47.6 billion a lot less than of Apple. But we still think Samsung must be the number one smartphone brand for its durability, range of phones. Moreover, most Nepalis cannot afford Apple.

Brand Image of Samsung
The best smartphone brand among Nepalis.

2. Apple

In 2018, Apple’s brand value in the market was $182.8 billion. This is far more than that of Samsung. But taking account of affordability, we think Apple is second to Samsung in terms of brand importance and visibility. 

Apple company's logo image
The world’s most precious brand.

3. Huawei 

According to the 2019 first-quarter report, Huawei is second to Samsung in terms of market share. However, the main difference is that Huawei is extremely competitive in terms of pricing without sacrificing too much in quality.

Huawei's logo
The world’s rising brand.

4. Xiaomi

Xiaomi is another quality smartphone brand based in Beijing. During its initial years, Xiaomi used to be labeled as an iPhone copycat. However, now Xiaomi has changed itself. They have now become one of the most heard and economical brands in Nepal.

Logo of Xiaomi
A competitive brand

5. Oppo

These smartphones are designed to take clear and crisp pictures. They are like our next best smartphone brand Vivo on the list. However, most Oppos have metallic bodies making them attractive among consumers. Moreover, Oppo users swear by its audio quality and speed as well.

Logo of Oppo
Focused on the Camera

6. Vivo

Vivo as a brand makes low-cost and mid-range phones. This brand is built around their cameras to provide a better experience for people addicted to selfies. Vivos are often perceived to be little behind than Oppos.

Logo of Vivo Smartphone
Dedicated to Selfies

7. OnePlus

OnePlus phones are quite good and can easily compete with other quality but highly-priced brands like Apple and Samsung. However, people have complained of faults and defects that the manufacturer just ignored. So, please do your homework before buying.

Logo of oneplus company
Quite competitive brand

8. Colors

This company also had its bright days in Nepal. Colors brand specializes in budget smartphones only. However, they have already sold substantial numbers of their phones in Nepal. This shows that they covered certain market segments well.

Logo of Colors mobile
A Nepali Brand

9. Lenovo

Yes, you saw it right it is among Top Smartphone Brands In Nepal. Lenovo also makes very good smartphones and we have come across a few people with Lenovo smartphones. However, their smartphones are just not that popular compared to Laptops they make.

Lenovo Company Logo
Surprise! Surprise

10. Nokia

Well, Nokia used to be the world’s biggest mobile phone manufactures. However, the introduction of smartphones made their phones obsolete. But Nokia is now back and is competing quite well. Just keep your eyes open and look out what they will be bringing to the market.

Planning for a comeback

Other honorable mentions: LAVA, HTC, Intex, LG, Micromax, Motorola, and Sony. So what do you think about the list we compiled. If you disagree, let us know why and what we have missed.



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